Dmitry Maslennikov

Hi! I'm an entrepreneur, startup mentor, and a business coach. I'll be happy to assist you in the development of your startup, venture fund, or corporation with my experience, skills, and network.

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A few words on what services I provide.

  • For a startup

    I myself know very well how difficult it is to create and grow a startup. Firstly, I will help you to avoid mistakes which I have made myself, save you time, effort, money and nerves. Secondly, I will help repeat the successful experience of the companies I've worked with.

  • For an investor

    During the period of attracting investment into the portfolio companies of my accelerator, I participated in deals on over $7,000,000.  I've learned to understand the position of the investor, and look at the situation with his eyes. I'll help you to find the prospects of the investment projects, and to accelerate the development of companies which have already successfully attracted investment.

  • For a corporation

    For two years I have researched the experience of innovation processes in large companies and now I have  a profound understanding of the problems that prevent companies from being innovative. I will help you create internal start-ups, to think like entrepreneurs, motivate employees to find new projects on the market and create an internal ecosystem of innovation.

Cемейный герб
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About me

Since 2007, I have been engaged in the creation of new projects, start-ups, and businesses, and I also supervise, consult and assist in the development of different roles. The value for customers, business efficiency and honest work in a pleasant environment are important principles in business development. 

  • Entrepreneur

    When I was 18 I founded Inspiration – the creative bureau where I was an executive director. The company remained on the list of the top 40 Russian digital agencies for 3 years.

  • Business director & CEO

    As an invited CEO, I managed a startup developing a virtual business incubator and innovation ecosystem with the seed round investment of $ 1,000, 000 $.

    I managed business development process in “Lebrand” Russia creative agency
  • Startup mentor

    I'm the co-founder and managing partner
    of the venture company, and first private
    startup accelerator in Russia

    The accelerator portfolio companies in which I act as a business development director or strategic mentor:

  • R&D consultant

    An R&D consultant and methodologist who helps to unlock internal innovative capacity of corporate clients

  • Startup coach, mentor and business trainer

    I'm an evangelist and a practician business trainer, a startup coach on Lean Startup and a Customer Development Methodologist.

Key skills

  • Business development
  • Grow sales
  • Strategic marketing
  • Partnership & networking
  • Corporate innovations
  • Startup mentoring
  • Hypothesis validation
  • Customer development
  • Public speaking

Useful video

I think the exchange of knowledge essential element of market development, educational function
one of the most important. So I write educational courses for entrepreneurs:
We work together in MetaBeta Startup Accelerator as partners in order to develop entrepreneurial culture in Russia and promote well- tried methods in running successful start-up company. Taking this into account I have a right to be assured that Dmitry has an excellent understanding of business in general. His forte seems to be business development and project management. Further, as a businessman, he is highly intelligent, self-confident, innovative and creative, and follows projects with an undaunted passion. Dedication to work, organization, and tireless attention to detail in the pursuit of perfection are attributes that have lead Dmitry to numerous business successes.
MetaBeta Accelerator Evgeny Ginzburg
Mr. Maslennikov work on several major projects with which I am associated (including my key project called 3DPrintus), and he demonstrated a unique sense of organization and attention to detail while maintaining a clear focus on the overall goals of each program. He exhibits a strong desire to obtain perfection, but recognizes the need to be practical and flexible as required. He always presented himself in a professional and self-confident manner. During these years I was able not only to gain first hand knowledge of Dmitry's abilities as a professional consultant in a business development field, but also to be exposed to his creative approach to problem solving, his ability to get his point across and the job accomplished. / Constantine Ivanov, CEO

Publications in the media

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