The success of venture funds involves making the right investments while the success of investments depends on the right choice of investment projects.

But not all of Venture Capitalists, and particularly the private business angels, have enough recourses for a global search of investment projects. And here, I can help you, with the scouting of early stage startups for investments in CIS and Israel area.

I receive many requests from entrepreneurs who visit my workshops and read my articles, for help in finding investors that are generally not available on the open markets.

The second advantage is that I will get deeply involved with interesting products and technologies, prospective services and high potential teams of engineers and entrepreneurs. This gives me an opportunity to have a clear and updated information about the team and the startup overall., which, in turn, decreases investment risks.

And the third, most startups are rarely able to attract money in the moment the investor sees them for the first time. These startups need help in packaging, data collection, developing documents when the angel or Venture Capitalist often lack the free time and resources.

I can help an investor (both a business angel and VC) to prepare the company for presentation to the investment committee in full glory, and the team, to fully meet the expectations of the investors.

The conditions for my involvement – $5,000 + 5% from investment round.

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant