For an investor

Startup acceleration

I’m well informed that far from all VC’s and business angels are satisfied with the success of development of their portfolio companies. Also, I’m aware that the majority of investors interfere with the operations and management process during different stages.

I suggest that you as investors are an interference into your portfolio companies business not because of the desire to help, but mostly to control or change the situation – for example to correct the business strategy, to avoid the founders’ mistakes and other different reasons.

My next hypothesis is that this job is not your specialization but you need to do it. With the right offer from my side, you will be able to pass it to competent people who you will outsource.

In our accelerator, we accumulated vast experience in working with startups from different markets, stages, and we are ready to use this experience in your invested companies. I will be happy to help you to supervise, track, control invested startups.

Conditions are the same as in our accelerator – $2,000 per month per company, or equity in the case of mutual interest.

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant