The long-term success of a large company depends on how it uses the internal innovation potential of its employees, and how efficiently it develops corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.

I’ll shake the existing mindset at your corporation and working principles of your employees, and discuss the differences between startup and a large enterprise. During the next step, we’ll implement the best practices borrowed by the large companies from the startups, which they use to develop new disruptive innovations in products and businesses.

On my customer list are the top companies from different fields from Russia and CIS countries – Yandex, Google, Home Credit Bank, Alpha Bank, Rosatom, X5 Retail group, Rennaissance Insurance, OMB, Medme (invitro), First Bit, i-Free, etc.

You can order my workshops for the enterprises:

•– Innovation Sandbox – how to develop internal entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) and innovations at a large company.

•– Lean Enterprise – how to become a corporate entrepreneur and develop your startup inside company

– •Forcing the Innovations – searching and developing the disruptive ideas in a company

– I would like to direct your attention to the following products:

– Internship program in cooperation with the University of Tel-Aviv in R&D centers of the largest world corporations located in Israel.

– Corporate acceleration program.

The terms of cooperation are to be discussed individually depending on the goals of your company.

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant