The term “entrepreneur in residence” means a position in the venture fund, legal company, university or corporation, which brings an entrepreneurial spirit, approach and competencies to the existing workflow in the organization.

I suggest an integration of entrepreneurial vision, approach, and culture into the existing structure of working.

An entrepreneurial approach based on the modern practices of creating and developing startups, which is the Lean Enterprise methodology. I actually believe that every big organization, working in strict frames, levels of subordination and budgeting, strongly needs to implement entrepreneurial practices. These practices would allow them to enter new markets, create new disruptive products and find future business models.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a lack of ideas or resources for realization, and together we can find the right configuration for working in the framework of the Entrepreneur in Residence» model.

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant