The world has changed. And this is what statistics tell us; 87% of companies dropped out from the Fortune-500 list since 1955,  while the period of staying on this list decreased from 61 years in 1955 to 18 years by 2012.

Everyone knows the examples of companies that died or dramatically lost their market positions and market share because they couldn’t adapt to the new market conditions: BlackBerry, Nokia, Kodak, Motorola, ICQ, DELL etc.

The future long-term success of every big company depends on readiness to develop innovations immediately. The future brings us many surprises,  technologies change rapidly, generations change, business models change and in order to to stay alive or save existing positions, companies need to adapt to conditions of extreme uncertainty.

More and more big companies and enterprises face problems of innovation development, well known from the Kleiton Kristensen’s book Innovators Dilemma, which lie in an inability to adapt to new market factors and the need to create new business models.

Inside every big company lies the often unknown innovative potential of it’s employees. I can help  find the key to developing the system generate new products, services, and business-models.

Based on what I propose the following principles lie:
– The autonomy of the internal business units developing innovation,s and the refusal from the standard corporate rules.
– Incentives and motivations substituted the equation between the mistake and the punishment, implementation of tolerance to mistakes and “fail fast” principle
– Independent financial structure and refusal from standard corporate annual budgeting process.
– Creating innovation sandbox.
– Implementation of principles of “the Innovation Colony”

I’m ready to help large companies  implement an entrepreneurial approach to workflow, by developing cutting edge, disruptive products, services and business models.

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant