A mentor is a person having broad experience, skills and personality that allows one to make a positive influence on startup development.

In our accelerator, we use the term Methodologist to define a person interested in the success of the startup. Our colleagues also sometimes call him Tracker. The Methodologiest is, first, an entrepreneur and second, he is a person possessing all the crucial theoretical knowledge and practical skills  necessary for startup development.

If you feel like you lack the necessary understanding to determine focus, prioritize development, grow your market, and increase your sales, I can help you. If you need assistance with team building, fundraising, and upscaling new markets without parting with your share of your company, I can help you. 

Methodological support, mentoring and startup tracking means systematical meetings and skype-calls where the current dynamics of growth, barrier, complications, troubles, priorities and new opportunities for the speed growth  are discussed.

Conditions of methodological support are based on hours, hour rate and starts at $1,500 per month.

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant