Most first-time entrepreneurs and startup founders link the success of their startups with raising the first and follow-up investments,  but in reality, that may not be the case. This can also have an opposite effect. Getting investments too early, getting excessive funds, or using wrong sources can kill the business in it’s earliest stages of success.

Very often I get requests for help in startup fundraising from entrepreneurs supposing that my help is only useful in providing a source for financing. But I usually refuse them. Fundraising is a complex, and long-term process which suggests complete involvement in the company, preparing and verifying the data about the company, developing investment presentation, it’s financial model and preparing the investment exit strategy. Only then can we start looking for the most suitable investors among business angels, investment funds, VC firms, accelerators, and government support programs both in Russia and abroad. The next stage includes negotiations about conditions and preparing the documents in order to conclude a deal.

During the last two years, I took an active part in the fundraising and closing of deals worth more than $7,000,000. I became very familiar with interests and personal viewpoints of investors, business angels, angels syndicates, government and government/ private venture funds, both in Russia and abroad.

I neither promise, nor guarantee that my support and the list of tools provided below will attract funding, but I do guarantee, that if you don’t use my help you will have far less success attracting investments.

Our service package increases your chances to attract funding on the most beneficial terms for you while decreasing your risks. The package is as listed below:

– The development of the investment strategy – i.e how much needs to be invested, on what terms, when and how would be best to attract the investment

–  Capable development – a table forecasting the number of future investment rounds, company capitalization, and dilution of the founders’ shares

– Consultation in the making of the investment presentation, I will comment and give you recommendations on how to improve based on an investors point of view.

– Consultation in the development of the financial model of your startup – you develop the financial model, I will give my feedback and recommendations on how to improve it.

– Setting up the weekly tracking process of your KPI and core metrics-  together we will define the right metrics for your business and then on a weekly basis we will track them through skype-calls.

– Keeping  accounts at and – Including updating metrics, news, and startup traction.

– Investor relations – sending monthly letters to the potential, or existing investors with news, metrics, KPI’s, and company traction.

– Consultation on the legal aspects of a deal with investors

Conditions of cooperation – $5,000 for 3 months + 5% fee from the investment round starting from $200, 000

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant