In reality, I’m not a professional  business coach, or public speaker, but my history has shown that I am quite successful at speaking in public, and my skills and knowledge are demanded by entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Because of my experience and knowledge from having failed one large venture project, with the seed investment of $ 1,000,000  and I have recognized all the strength and value of Lean startups and Customer Development Methodology. I started by successfully implementing myself in acceleration programs and all of the followings are startups, which allowed me to avoid repeating mistakes, save money, time and energy for myself, as well as the founders of our portfolio companies.

Being an evangelist of Lean Startup & Customer development methodology in Russia and CIS, I organize a focused workshop for startups in the  implementation and usage of Lean startup & Customer Development principles and tools.

Depending on the level of understanding, acceptance and implementation of startup operations, the workshop will change configuration from the basic theory to purely practical case of a particular startup.

Other than that, I trust that at the core of any successful business  lies a deep value for their customers. But in order for any good product and service to be demanded by the market, we need to define and showcase its value proposition.

This is the theme of my second workshop – Defining the value proposition for a startup or existing business.

Conditions for the workshop being organized depend on timing from 1 to 2 days. 
The price starts at $250 per person or at $2,000 per workshop.

Дмитрий Масленников
Dmitry Maslennikov
Your consultant